Double Down


History & Love

The Winter US Championship will forever be remembered for History and Love. Gary Vickers swept the Eliminator by setting three new World Records at ONE EVENT and TJ Romano proposed marriage (and she said yes!) to Kristen Barnes. It was a surprise to all but those who helped TJ set it up!

The introduction of three of the new Eliminator Patterns pushed the top riders to perform and they did just that with Kenda Lenseigne adding two more World Records to here long list of accomplishments and Jessie Kuka grabbing the World Record in the Starline Saturday Night Showcase of Champions.

Gary Vickers
Jessie Kuka



The 1st Annual Winter Championship is shaping up to be a HOT Event!

The New Shotgun Class hit the ground running with tight races in both the Limited and Open Divisions with Penrose, Colorado Senior Mens 2 cowboy Dwight Barhite put down two clean runs to announce to the mounted shooting world that he is going to be the long gun to beat in the Limited Division. John Clark, of Morrison, Tennessee, a former Rifle National Champion showed winning form in the Shotgun to earn the Top Honors and the last spot out in the Starline Showcase of Champions.

Rifle was a repeat of the shotgun, with Dwight Barhite not only winning the Limited, but winning both 1st and 2nd place with the lever and revolving carbine and John Clark again showing extreme long gun prowess by taking the preliminary in rifle.

The Eliminator REALLY raised the bar, with newly Certified Stages just waiting for World Records to be set the race was on, and it was a clean sweep! Gary Vickers of Manchester, Tennessee and Kenda Lenseigne of Phoenix, Arizona took not one new World Record Each but BOTH! Nothing could be written that would be better than seeing it for yourself!

View the Video of these new World Records!

Course 18

Men’s World Record
Gary Vickers - 14.954
Ladies World Record
Kenda Lenseigne - 14. 510

Course 28

Men’s World Record
Gary Vickers - 15.352
Ladies World Record
Kenda Lenseigne - 16.422