Jessie Kuka WINS High Overall at Stetson Classic!!

Jessie Kuka of Maple Plains Minnesota showed why she is a Top Ten Cowgirl in the World Ranking. Clean all the way from start to finish, she set the pace on several stages. Jessie and Rock Clark went back and forth throughout the event fighting for the High Overall spot. And when the dust and smoke cleared it was Jessie on top. See complete standings of this exciting event.

video by Digital Dave

Cody & Gin – a winning tonic!

Cody Clark and 8 year old AQHA gelding, 86 Gin, set a new World Record on CMSA course # 52 at the Stetson Summer Classic, in historic Lazy E Arena. The Clark’s bought “Gin” from Joyce McKinney and it was predicted early by proud dad, Rock Clark, that when Cody and Gin hooked up records would fall. It didn’t take long for that to happen.

In the first round of the Colt Eliminator scared the record on Course # 51 the Cross Over Rundown with a 10.763 just missing Chad Little’s record set at Lazy E in 2008 by only .038 on his way to winning the go round. In the second round of the Colt Eliminator, Cody broke through with a blistering fast 17.907, breaking Chad Little’s previous record, also set in 2008 at Lazy E, by .117!

Cody Clark rounding the Rundown barrel on his way to setting a new World Record for course #52 Five in a Row, showing fast is smooth and smooth is FAST!

Rock Clark shows dads are more proud when their kids beat them than when they win! After son, Cody, edges him out for the top spot and sets a new World Record in the process he congratulates his son with a proud fatherly hug!


Stetson Summer Classic Starts HOT! With the Oklahoma Territory Mounted Shooters Warm-Up Event!

Sizzling Results from the 2010 Stetson Summer Classic!