The 2010 Hart World Championship proved to be the most exciting yet. The race between former World Champions and up and coming World Champions went right to the last shot.

For the 2008 World Champion, Charlie Little, he proved just as confident throughout the entire show. For brother Chad Little, who had previously won every prestigious match EXCEPT the World Championship, nerves had to be kept in check. Chad just needed one good run the clench his lead and win the World title. Chad Little was leading things on the Men's side going into the final stage by two tenths of a second over Rock Clark. Rock had a .065 lead over 2008 Champion Charlie Little. Talk about tight!

Rock Clark, who was first out for the last and final run for the 2010 World Championship Title, runs a 14.427 and flawless run. Chad Little runs directly before younger brother Charlie, with a 14.340. Here comes Charlie Little down by .289 behind Chad for the overall. Charlie then runs a 14.191. The final stage is normally where matches are lost, but for our 2010 Hart World Championship it was won in the last stage, by .140 seconds and Chad Little claims his first High Overall Champion Title. 2008 World Champion Charlie Little edged out Tennessean Rock Clark by less than two tenths of a second, receiving yet another major title: that of 2010 World Reserve Champion Cowboy!

For the ladies, Kenda Lenseigne proved why she was the 2009 High Overall World Champion, leading the high overall by over 3 tenths of a second. It all came down to the very last run…

2007 Ladies World Champion Melissa Dragoo ran consistent all weekend, although never leading the overall position she proved just how it was done…clean. Defending World Champion, Kenda Lenseigne, missed one target in the final stage costing her the High Overall position. With the crowd watching, everyone thought it cost her everything. When the scores were tallied, Kenda (with a miss) will still be CMSA's 2010 Reserve Champion Cowgirl edging out third place cowgirl Whitney Vickers by less than a second. Melissa Dragoo, who was the youngest to ever win a World Title, wins her second by claiming the 2010 Hart World Champion Cowgirl title.