cowboy mounted shooting association
Raw Horse Power - Hard Ridin' - Straight Shootin'

Duel off of the Delta

Event Dates

Jun 24 2018


Limited to 60 Entries
18 Complete
18 Total

Hosting Club

San Joaquin Valley Rangers
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South Pacific Region


Sgarland Horse Park
41070 County Rd 18C
Woodland, CA 95776


December 1-June 20, 2018

Registration Closed

Main Match Stage 1

# CMSA Name Raw Time Penalty Time
110309Janet Freeland18.3800.00018.380
23023Mindy Konradi18.7180.00018.718
34988Jim Winnick18.7810.00018.781
43015Ruth Piper19.3850.00019.385
56818Larie Merilles19.7680.00019.768
616529Jack Dinubilo21.4860.00021.486
79762Hannah Barnes21.6100.00021.610
83458Dan Moore22.2510.00022.251
93955Judy Moore22.6670.00022.667
1012200Craig McGurn22.9130.00022.913
1116958Rebecca Ristrim24.0200.00024.020
1216821Mac Basso24.2600.00024.260
1316541Lexi Dinubilo26.4400.00026.440
141346Debbie Downing21.6505.00026.650
1513652Lyn Letarti25.83710.00035.837
1616947Geri Orthmeyer32.5165.00037.516
1716965Lisa Botelho32.8085.00037.808
1816394Larry Gould30.51610.00040.516