cowboy mounted shooting association
Raw Horse Power - Hard Ridin' - Straight Shootin'

National Day of the Cowboy/Tri-State Buckle Series

Event Dates

Jul 21 2018


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Hosting Club

Prairie State Rebels
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North Central Region


Amber Sun Acres
19819 University Rd
Malta, IL 60115


January 1-July 19, 2018

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10 Entries across 8 Classes
First Name Last Name CMSA Class
Sandy Welsher 13269 L2
Katie Roush 15666 L3
Sheila Ross 14105 L4
Steve Anasenes 16448 M1
Mike Bloom 15977 M3
William J Phelps 11778 M3
Matt Staner 15830 M3
Adam Ross 14024 M5
Lu Wagner 5056 SL3
Steve Wagner 3445 SM5