cowboy mounted shooting association
Raw Horse Power - Hard Ridin' - Straight Shootin'

It's FUN to Run and Gun!

Event Dates

Jun 16 2018


Limited to 100 Entries
30 Complete
32 Total

Hosting Club

Northeast Six Shooters
0 Upcoming Events
North Eastern Region


Run and Gun Ranch
123 Seekonk St.
Norfolk, MA 02056


October 23-June 14, 2018

Registration Closed

Main Match Stage 1

# CMSA Name Raw Time Penalty Time
114082Jared Penley12.3030.00012.303
213049Cara Penley12.7010.00012.701
313813Craig McCoskery12.8190.00012.819
45133Cathie Hatrick-Anderson16.2840.00016.284
56741Dina Baratta12.1915.00017.191
611127Coltin Omasta17.2430.00017.243
79318Stephen Armato13.6645.00018.664
812837Beth Higgins18.6930.00018.693
915917Drew Wallace14.3225.00019.322
103621Paige Whitt15.2755.00020.275
116570Jane Verry20.3550.00020.355
1211460Wendy Gibbons21.7260.00021.726
1314182Molly Hayes21.8650.00021.865
1413751Alan Green22.1410.00022.141
159192Robb Goodie22.2500.00022.250
169353John O'Donnell22.7190.00022.719
1714040Linda Leshinski23.0820.00023.082
1815791Emily Daly23.7970.00023.797
1911086Manuel Sousa20.6115.00025.611
2012516Nancy Huff22.8245.00027.824
217560Steven Roy18.19610.00028.196
22  29.0260.00029.026
2315475Becky Ricketts19.31310.00029.313
2416690Paul Arshen29.5790.00029.579
2516170Alexa A Terry40.2900.00040.290
2615641Jeremy Serwer49.1620.00049.162
2714183Stephen Papagno60.71210.00060.000