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Raw Horse Power - Hard Ridin' - Straight Shootin'

Schedule of Events


Type Dates and Club Event Arena
DWPQ May 28-29, 2022
2 days
Alberta Mounted Shooters Association
Limited to 100 Entries Gunsmoke in the Evergreens
2X CMSA points, 1X AMSA points. 5 stage MM. 2 stage Rifle. 2 stage Shotgun. Click here for flyer. Event in conjunction with the Grande Prairie Stampede. 2X CMSA points and 1X AMSA points. 5 stage MM, pays 1:3. $200 EF, pays 1:3. 2 stage rifle and shotgun. $80 EF Limited and Open. Pays 1:3 - minimum of 3 per class to gender split. 50% EF payback plus $400 added. Wrangles $20 EF, 100% payback. Cleanshooter $20, $200 added. 100% payback.
Drysdlae Arena, Evergreen Park
55051 Township Road 710
Grande Prairie, AB T7E 3W1