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CMSA Horse Tracking

CMSA Horse Tracking

CMSA offers a horse tracking card as a way for horses to earn points no matter who the rider is. Registering a horse in the CMSA horse tracking program is open to all breeds and grade horses, and year end prizes are given based on breed (contact the CMSA office for current year end prize information).

The Horse Tracking System will track the following: multiple riders, points, raw times, and events. To access your Horse Tracking System records you simply log-on to the member's page at There you will find a list of the horses associated with that owner and a brief history. To view full history, click on the horses name to view a more detailed report. This will not only show how many points the horse has earned, but who the rider was. This is useful for trainers and breeders to show what a horse has accomplished and also what CMSA levels a horse has run at. Once the tracking card has been purchased, it will remain current and will not require a renewal. Reprinted cards will require a $15.00 printing fee. NOTE: It is the responsibility of the contestant to physically take the tracking card to the check in station for every shoot the horse is to be tracked. At a CMSA event you can request a report, "Who's in horse tracking" to ensure your information has been entered. We are unable to enter the tracking after the event has run.

Each rider who rides the horse at an event will earn CMSA horse tracking points at a 1x the point basis. This is based on the raw time of the horse compared to the raw times of all other horses at the event. The horse will earn 1 point for each horse he places above.

It is the responsibility of the member to maintain their current status with the various breed registry organizations. Horses being tracked shall compete in all stages of the event entered. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of all points and tracking for the entire season.

The Horse tracking card may be purchased on the website, it is a lifetime card and does not require renewal. If the horse being tracked is sold, there is a $35 transfer fee to transfer the ownership/records to the new owner.

CMSA Futurity Rules

  • Registered 4 years old horses of any breed can compete. Registration is required to prove the age of the horse.
  • Futurity horses won't be allowed to show in any Mounted shooting competition before January first of their 4-year old year. Exhibition rides will be allowed before the 4-year old year.
  • Futurity Class will be Open, no gender or senior split (option to include more classes in the future, as there are more participants).
  • The futurity horses will run the same stages as in the main match, sometime after the main match, at a time to be determined by the CMSA.
  • Entry fees will be $500 per horse the first year and can increase in the following years with the option of payments. (Nominations will start January 1st of the horse's two-year old year and payments can be made until before the event).There will be an 80% payback on entry fees and payback will follow CMSA rules.
  • There will be a limit of three horses per rider in Futurity class. One of the horses can be designated as a main match horse, if rider chooses.
  • Stallion Incentive Stake: starting in 2019 the money in the stallion incentive stake will be added to the final purse for the offspring of the stallions that are participating and place in the futurity in the first five spots. We will pay top three places. If none of the offspring place in the first five spots in the futurity, the money will roll over to the next year.
  • The stallion incentive will pay 100% for the offspring of the stallions that are enrolled in the stallion incentive that year. In case of death of a stallion that is enrolled; his offspring will be eligible for the incentive money for 5 years after the death. If the stallion owner does not pay the stallion incentive, his offspring will not be eligible for the incentive money that year.
  • The stallions that are enrolled in the stallion incentive will get 10% of the purse that his offspring wins in the futurity (ex: if a horse wins the futurity a check of $5000, it sire will get $500 check).
  • A copy of the registration papers must be provided and the horses will be checked prior to entering the arena before every stage.
  • Any kind of performance enhancing and/or calming drugs are prohibited in the futurity. We will follow AQHA's drug testing standards.
  • All other rules will follow CMSA rules.