Safety Session Course - Orangeville

Event Dates

May 10 2020


674489 Hurontario Street
Mono, Ontario L9W 0P1

The OCMSA Safety Session course is a one day 8-hour long course being held on Sunday May 10th 2020.


Location: 674489 Hurontario St Mono (Orangeville), ON L9W 0P1


PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT need to have your RPAL (Restricted gun license) to attend the Safety Session clinic.

However, an RPAL is necessary to attend further shooting clinics, practices, competitions, etc. If you are interested in attending any of these events in 2020 we recommend starting the process of getting your RPAL ASAP, as the process takes many weeks (in some cases even months) before your RPAL is issued.


* The OCMSA Safety Session Clinic is a minimum of 8 hours:

--> A minimum of 3 hours will be dedicated to gun fire desensitization for the participant’s horse, as well as the participant’s demonstration of safe gun handling technique and successful shooting from horseback.

--> Training includes:

-----> Range Safety Rules

-----> Safe Gun Handling (ACTS, PROVE)

-----> Proper Firearm Cleaning, Storage & Transporting

-----> ATT Requirements

-----> Muscle Memory Training

-----> Dry Firing

-----> Ground Firing Blank Ammunition

-----> Introduction to Courses of Fire

-----> On Course Mounted Firing Blank Ammunition


** In order to prepare riders & their horses for the highest level of safety, competency and skill the OCMSA has established this Safety Session Clinic. Individuals are required to successfully complete a Safety Session before they are able to participate in any Cowboy Mounted Shooting competitions, practices, other clinics, or any event involving the participant handling/discharging of any firearms from horseback while in Canada.