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Range Master

About Range Masters

Several years ago, CMSA implemented the use of Certified Range Masters. These CMSA Certified Range Masters will be responsible for making sure events are conducted under the rules and guidelines set forth in the Current CMSA Rulebook.


If you were a Certified Range Master in 2014 and are a current CMSA competition cardholder in good standing, request the free 2015 Range Master Test.

Request 2015 Range Master Test


Any current CMSA competition cardholder, 18 years or older and in good standing, can apply to become a CMSA Certified Range Master. If this is your first time to take the CMSA Range Master Test or your CMSA Range Master Certification has lapsed one or more years you MUST pay the $25.00 fee.

Pay The Fee Online

Current CMSA competion Cardholders who request to become certified or re-certified CMSA Range Master's, will be sent the test login information on Wednesday morning of each week. If you request after Wednesday morning you will not receive the test login information until the following Wednesday. We will send an email with your username and password and detailed instructions on how to take the test. Once you have received your test login information you can take the test at anytime.

AQHA/CMSA Event Range Master/Judge Application – The CMSA will host Cowboy Mounted Shooting events beginning in the 2013 season that will allow CMSA members to qualify for the AQHA Cowboy Mounted Shooting World Championship. There are specific requirements to become a judge for such an event. Those requirements are spelled out and all forms needed are available to download below.

AQHA/CMSA Event Range Master/Judge Application

Must have Adobe Reader to view.

Note: AQHA now allows amateur members to become AQHA/CMSA Event Range Masters. This will not affect your amateur status.

The List of 2015 CMSA Certified Range Masters will be updated weekly.

Suggest a Rule

If you have questions regarding questions you missed please submit it here and the questions you missed will be explained to you.

2015 US Range Masters

First Name Last Name CMSA City State
JeffFlanagan9075Mint HillNC
JoelOstrovsky6397Las VegasNV
RandyKephart9168Myrtle CrOR
Kristi JadeMiller8114AmarilloTX
LindaWharton6591Round HillVA

2015 International Range Masters

First Name Last Name CMSA# Providence Country