cowboy mounted shooting association
Raw Horse Power - Hard Ridin' - Straight Shootin'

The Battle at Root River

Event Dates

Aug 19 2017


Limited to 100 Entries
22 Complete
22 Total

Hosting Club

Northern Plains Regulators
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North Central Region


Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch
7291 County 6 Rd SW
Stewartville, MN 55976


April 12-August 17, 2017

Registration Closed

Main Match Stage 1

# CMSA Name Raw Time Penalty Time
11590Charles McFarland Jr15.0550.00015.055
25676Todd Eden16.1800.00016.180
311962Rob Benes16.9050.00016.905
414274Shyanne Benes16.9380.00016.938
52899Jim Gates17.3510.00017.351
65000Mike Wertz18.2820.00018.282
712428Dustin Lindahl15.1425.00020.142
816217Jesse Sillman18.1385.00023.138
96451Robin Weir18.8255.00023.825
1015713Stephane Courtois19.5775.00024.577
1111988Rocky Blom19.8105.00024.810
125037Montie Szydel21.3595.00026.359
1316218Crystal Sillman17.34810.00027.348
1416219Taylor Sillman29.9340.00029.934
1511986Jena Benes15.15515.00030.155
1615692Victoria Sienko20.20310.00030.203
1714768Beau Benes37.4580.00037.458
1815754Naomi Haivala27.44915.00042.449
1916220Kelcie Sillman52.0420.00052.042
2016587Carter Jaakola59.1640.00059.164
2115346Ty Lindahl87.3050.00060.000