cowboy mounted shooting association
Raw Horse Power - Hard Ridin' - Straight Shootin'

Too Hot to Trot

Event Dates

Jul 23 2017


Limited to 50 Entries
23 Complete
23 Total

Hosting Club

Northeast Six Shooters
3 Upcoming Events
North Eastern Region


Felton Field
115 Old Colbrook Rd
Barre, MA 01005


February 4-July 20, 2017

Registration Closed

Main Match Stage 1

# CMSA Name Raw Time Penalty Time
13621Paige Whitt13.7720.00013.772
210929McKayla Fowler14.1750.00014.175
39318Stephen Armato14.2650.00014.265
410493Amanda Whitney15.7690.00015.769
515917Drew Wallace15.9060.00015.906
65133Cathie Hatrick-Anderson16.1880.00016.188
711856Grace Brogan16.2240.00016.224
86740Robert Baratta12.6545.00017.654
913489Sandi Molinari18.8920.00018.892
1012837Beth Higgins20.2610.00020.261
116570Jane Verry20.4930.00020.493
1213813Craig McCoskery22.2790.00022.279
139353John O'Donnell23.5570.00023.557
146741Dina Baratta15.01610.00025.016
1513751Alan Green22.8645.00027.864
167561Jennifer Roy23.0215.00028.021
176569Bill Verry18.82910.00028.829
1814823Julie McCoskery21.78610.00031.786
1915475Becky Ricketts27.9525.00032.952
2016170Alexa A Terry26.21020.00046.210
2115815Ayla McCoskery85.0860.00060.000
2115088Dylan McCoskery66.6200.00060.000