cowboy mounted shooting association
Raw Horse Power - Hard Ridin' - Straight Shootin'

Smoke in the White Mountains

Event Dates

May 14 2017


Limited to 50 Entries
34 Complete
34 Total

Hosting Club

Northeast Six Shooters
0 Upcoming Events
North Eastern Region


Lakes Region Riding Academy
26 Young Rd
Gilford, NH 03249


February 4-May 11, 2017

Registration Closed

Main Match Stage 1

# CMSA Name Raw Time Penalty Time
18636Amy Lunt18.7460.00018.746
25133Cathie Hatrick-Anderson19.1100.00019.110
36740Robert Baratta15.3295.00020.329
47138Ken Forcier20.7510.00020.751
56569Bill Verry21.6220.00021.622
610929McKayla Fowler21.6490.00021.649
79267Shad Smith16.7745.00021.774
86741Dina Baratta17.9155.00022.915
910493Amanda Whitney17.9845.00022.984
1011127Coltin Omasta19.1975.00024.197
10  19.1975.00024.197
1112877Molly Wilson24.2790.00024.279
1214386Harper Gullage26.3820.00026.382
1312837Beth Higgins26.6390.00026.639
1411128Laurel Omasta26.6840.00026.684
1513489Sandi Molinari27.7540.00027.754
1613751Alan Green28.0900.00028.090
179318Stephen Armato19.86910.00029.869
1811460Wendy Gibbons20.40810.00030.408
196570Jane Verry32.1250.00032.125
2014040Linda Leshinski29.5065.00034.506
2115791Emily Daly43.1385.00048.138
2215817Isabella Daly54.6220.00054.622
2316029Ava Whitney69.8400.00060.000