cowboy mounted shooting association
Raw Horse Power - Hard Ridin' - Straight Shootin'

Celebrating with LRRA!!

Event Dates

Jul 30 2016


Limited to 60 Entries
21 Complete
21 Total

Hosting Club

New Hampshire Cowboy Mounted Shooters
1 Upcoming Events
North Eastern Region


Lakes Region Riding Academy
26 Young Rd
Gilford, NH 03249


July 20-28, 2016

Registration Closed

Main Match Stage 1

# CMSA Name Raw Time Penalty Time
16740Robert Baratta17.0080.00017.008
28616Joe Lauzon18.2310.00018.231
39318Stephen Armato20.3670.00020.367
47561Jennifer Roy24.4110.00024.411
57560Steven Roy24.6320.00024.632
69893Christine Boudreau19.9335.00024.933
710493Amanda Whitney20.6235.00025.623
83316Cindy Karp21.5235.00026.523
93315Richard Karp21.8425.00026.842
106569Bill Verry23.3705.00028.370
116741Dina Baratta18.46010.00028.460
125133Cathie Hatrick-Anderson23.5565.00028.556
136673Karen Gauthier29.8250.00029.825
1414082Jared Penley28.9435.00033.943
155694Sue Frost24.66210.00034.662
1614386Harper Gullage35.0125.00040.012
1715817Isabella Daly29.90820.00049.908
1815791Emily Daly35.98515.00050.985
198971Maureen Lallier50.6195.00055.619
207303Richard Gauthier21.60460.00060.000