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Raw Horse Power - Hard Ridin' - Straight Shootin'

Duel on the delta part two

Event Dates

Sep 25 2016


Limited to 35 Entries
16 Complete
16 Total

Hosting Club

San Joaquin Valley Rangers
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South Pacific Region


san Joaquin Valley Rangers Arena
1240 Shaw Rd
Stockton, CA 95213


December 8-September 22, 2016

Registration Closed

Main Match Stage 1

# CMSA Name Raw Time Penalty Time
14988Jim Winnick22.4700.00022.470
21592Jerry Bestpitch22.9330.00022.933
310309Janet Freeland23.9230.00023.923
46818Larie Merilles24.0200.00024.020
57345Jeffry Larson24.0380.00024.038
63015Ruth Piper24.6790.00024.679
73458Dan Moore24.6890.00024.689
8215Don Copeland25.0820.00025.082
913652Lyn Letarti25.8590.00025.859
1011015Mark Thomas26.9260.00026.926
111346Debbie Downing29.5050.00029.505
1212200Craig McGurn24.9685.00029.968
132717Anita Simoni31.2750.00031.275
142245Terry Schumacher29.9475.00034.947
153955Judy Moore28.50510.00038.505
16  48.3430.00048.343